MANNES HR services

Traditional organizational models and forms of management are losing ground. Due to the rapid changes in the social, economic and technological fields, companies feel compelled to be agile and work efficiently. This not only focuses on the customer: The most important capital of your organization is your employee.
Work & Residence Permits; The Netherlands offers a "Highly Skilled Migrant Visa" for uniquely qualified international talent and other measures to facilitate the employment of foreign migrants. More info
Marketingmix; Advertising from potential customer to business relationship Marketing is strategically developing more leads. Link sales and marketing, automate processes (HR services) and make smarter decisions to maximize marketing efficiency. More info
Connecting and Collaborating Platform offers organizations an innovative communication platform for its members for sharing news, creating events and sending messages. In addition, it offers members the opportunity to make and keep contact with each other. Of course there is an extensive mug book and member overview with search function to find names with faces and faces with names. More info

Labor market stress by profession, large differences. Biggest shortage in Construction, ICT, Production and Technology.